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Interior of a bright white cozy loft in luxury apartment


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Convert your dreams into reality

Your loft or basement may extend across the entire footprint of your home – that is a whole floor of extra living space! We have the knowledge and experience to convert your dreams into reality.

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Windmill dwelling

Increase the value of your home or property

You may be able to achieve more space than you thought possible, and cost a lot less than you think. If you compare the cost of a loft or basement conversion with the cost of moving house, it may be much cheaper to stay in your current home. Even if you are going to sell up and move on, the creation of an extra room (or two) may well prove an investment as it increases the value of your home or property.

More storage space or an extra bathroom

It seems that we never have enough storage space, and a shed or garage outside the home isn’t as secure as space inside the house. It can also be cold and damp, causing mould and damage to items that you are storing long-term, or only get out once a year, such as Christmas decorations. Perhaps you need an extra bathroom, or an office? We provide a bespoke design service to make the most of your property footprint.

House interior. Ideas for basement room
staircase leading to loft

From start to finish

From the initial consultation and design of your conversion project to the final stroke of paint – we will be able to create your dream space within your very own home or property. With decades of experience and trade knowledge, our family-run business can deliver a superb quality conversion created to your requirements, and we can even advise you on all aspects of building regulations and planning permissions.

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Do you want to find out more about converting your loft or basement?
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